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Bell B40E dumpperi

Bell Dumpperit

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Bell Equiment is a South African company founded in 1954, known worldwide for its quality dump trucks. Bell dump trucks perform demanding mass transfers lightly even in the heaviest conditions. More than 60 years of professionalism and experience that Bell has in the manufacture of construction machinery has been of great help in their manufacture. German quality is reflected in the meticulous details and technology of the Bell dump trucks. Bell offers its user excellent performance, driving comfort and productivity.

Bell’s unmissable features include a lightweight and durable overall design, a quiet cab and fuel efficiency. The lightweight design allows larger loads to be transported with lower fuel consumption. Lightness is also an advantage as conditions become more challenging. When the others stop, Bell continues. Mercedes Benz engines and quality products from the world’s leading component manufacturers guarantee that Bell is a holistic financial investment.

The Bell B40E’s gearbox is like a Swiss watch, which changes nicely and accurately in every situation,” says Mikko Yrjölä, Nivalan Maansiirto Oy in Koneurakointilehti 7/2018.

Bell – Strong Reliable Machines

Iiro Haataja, 050 5672 875

Juha Myötämäki, 0400 450 900

Vantaa, Kymenlaakso, Etelä-Karjala:
Janne Väistö, 046 922 8202

Tampere, Jyväskylä, Hämeenlinna:
Jussi Seppälä, 040 722 1132

Tampere, Pori, Keski-Suomi:
Jari Järvensivu, 0400 138 568

Turku, Ahvenanmaa:
Henry Leino, 0400 200 587

Jari Koivusalo, 040 7347 445

Rovaniemi ja Oulu:
Raimo Arkimo, 0400 718 688

Oulu, Kokkola, Kainuu:
Aarne Halmetoja, 045 201 2871

Kuopio, Joensuu, Savonlinna:
Vesa Vartiainen, 040 7787 781




Moottoriteho 210 kW (281 hp)
Paino tyhjänä 19,7 t
Kuorma 24 t
Lavatilavuus 15 m3 perälaudalla



Moottoriteho 260 kW (348 hp)
Paino tyhjänä 20,3 t
Kuorma 28 t
Lavatilavuus 17,5 m3 perälaudalla



Moottoriteho 320 kW (429 hp)
Paino tyhjänä 30,4 t
Kuorma 33,5 t
Lavatilavuus 21 m3 perälaudalla



Moottoriteho 380 kW (510 hp)
Paino tyhjänä 32,23 t
Kuorma 39 t
Lavatilavuus 24,5 m3 perälaudalla



Moottoriteho 390 kW (523 hp)
Paino tyhjänä 32,33 t
Kuorma 41 t
Lavatilavuus 26 m3 perälaudalla



Moottoriteho 430 kW (577 hp)
Paino tyhjänä 35,68 t
Kuorma 45,4 t
Lavatilavuus 29 m3 perälaudalla



Moottoriteho 430 kW (577 hp)
Paino tyhjänä 35,68 t
Kuorma 45,4 t
Lavatilavuus 29 m3 perälaudalla