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Vesa Valtonen

Long-standing connections with principals benefit the customer

Customers benefit from importers with long-standing and solid relationships with their principals. For the customer, long-standing cooperation between importer and principal means, for example, that the customer can rely on the machine supplier’s ability to provide after-sales services. If the customer needs spare parts or service for his machine, or if there are technical problems, he knows that he can turn to the company he is familiar with. But where would a customer get help if the dealer changes often, or if Finnish import is discontinued altogether?

My area of responsibility in Rotator Oy covers sales and marketing of lifts and cranes. Besides personnel lifts by JLG, DINO, and Holland Lift, our product palette includes cranes by Maeda, Tadano, and Hitachi Sumitomo. JLG is the biggest personnel lift manufacturer in the world while Finnish Dinolift is the biggest in towable lifts. We have been dealers of JLG and DINO machines for 40 years, since 1979.

Long-standing principal relations typically also mean that customers benefit from higher resale values of their machines. It may be difficult to sell a used machine that no longer has a dealer in Finland – sometimes you may need to seek buyers abroad. And in this sector we are not talking about petty sums as the average price range of Tadano cranes, for example, would be more than one million euros.

Communication and personal relations are important

Uncomplicated and long-standing connections with principals are important not only to customers but also to principals and importers.Principals appreciate reliability above all. They must be able to trust that the importing company do their best, and sales should also steadily reach good levels. Other important issues include good communication and that jointly agreed strategies are followed.

I would like to emphasize the meaning of personal relations between the importing company and the principal. Besides the executive level, connections should be working at other levels as well. In sales, maintenance, spare parts, and technical support, the superiors shall also have good contacts with the principals’ representatives.

Both wheels must be turning

We want to be the best machine dealer, a partner that makes effective operations and the development of business possible for our customers. Rotator’s logo has two wheels on it, and both of them must be turning.

Meetings with customers play a crucial role in building the future. The products we represent are of high quality, but combining them with high quality customer service is the key that makes our customers – those who make the purchase decisions and those who operate the machines – satisfied with the services and willing to purchase machines from us in the future. This is why all of us at Rotator shall do our work impeccably, whether it be sales, equipping, maintenance, spare parts, technical support, customer support, training, logistics, or invoicing.

However, it is not enough that we do our job as well as possible here in Finland – everything shall also work smoothly at our principals. The two wheels on the Rotator logo can also be seen from this perspective. Good principals and our long-standing relations with them ensure the best possible service for our customers.

Vesa Valtonen
Sales Director Access Platforms, Cranes
040 0622 873