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Jari Valtanen
Jari Valtanen

New directions

We live in a world where nearly all sectors of business are facing changes, and many lines of business have experienced a revolution with digitalization. Rotator is in touch with the development!

Today, nearly all fields of business are experiencing rapid changes. I started as the Managing Director of Rotator in February 2018. We are importing, marketing, selling, renting, and maintaining construction machines, compactors, forklifts, personnel lifts, telehandlers, cranes, etc. Hitachi and the other makes in our range of products are all world leading brands and, for example, in heavier excavators we are the market leader by a clear margin. Flexibility is our strength. We offer our customers a buy-back deal: we agree to buy back our customer’s Hitachi wheel loader after four years at a defined price, if the customer replaces the machine with a new Hitachi from us.

We have been cooperating with the same manufacturers for a very long time. With Bomag compactors our cooperation started back in 1967, and we have been dealers of the Finnish top brand DINO since 1979. We consider new dealerships very carefully. Over the past autumn we included Metso’s compact crushers and screens into our range. This has pleasant echoes of our history, as Rotator, today a family-owned company, was originally founded by Lokomo, now part of Metso.

The time of changes is here

In our line of business, operations have long been quite established. You could even say that nothing has changed over the past 30 years. But now we are in a new situation. A distinct generation shift is underway in the construction business. Younger experts are entering the business with new ideas, and their ideas are based on business not traditions. The needs of our customers are changing and, for example, major customers are shifting more and more from purchasing and owning towards renting.

Renting has always been a part of Rotator’s business, and it all actually started more than 60 years ago with import, maintenance, and renting of machines. We have many larger and smaller rental businesses in our clientele, and also we have rental operations especially when it comes to the heavier machines, nowadays including also increasing numbers of excavators. This is complementing the services of rental companies and ensures that the customers get all they need – also by renting.

New directions

We live in a world where nearly all sectors of business are facing changes, and many lines of business have experienced a revolution with digitalization. With us, digital solutions are also central regarding profitability and the development of customer solutions, especially as the importance of rental services and maintenance is growing. Other global megatrends, such as automation and robotization, are also gradually being adopted in our operation. Semi-automatic technologies will soon be available for our excavators, and the Hitachi range already includes unmanned dump trucks.

We want to be a partner with its primary focus always on the improvement of our customers’ competitive edge. This also means that we will respond to the changing needs of customers. The evolution in progress means changes in the company’s internal management culture, hiring more personnel, and investments in rental machines, for example. It is, however, clear that this is the direction in which we will be heading.

One of the most essential tasks of a managing director is to develop the company. It is great to work in a field of business where products are constantly evolving in precisely the direction the customers want them to. Environmental friendliness and energy saving are more and more important purchase criteria among our customers, too. And with new products these issues are also better and better addressed.

It is important to constantly move ahead and keep the wheels rolling, also in new directions!